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Earth's Own Food Company Inc. – A passion for Health and Wellbeing

Earth's Own Food Company is a pioneering healthy food & beverage company dedicated to nutritional innovation and sustainability in order to actively improve people's lives and wellbeing. With a product line-up that includes leading non-dairy beverage brands So Good, So Nice, and So Fresh Earth's Own Food Company is devoted to developing great tasting wholesome products that are good for our consumers, their families, the community, and the planet.

So Nice Organic Almond
So Nice Organic Almond
So Nice Organic Almond is Canada’s ONLY fresh organic almond choice. Organic almonds are specifically roasted to deliver a true, natural almond flavour.
Cashew Fresh
SoFresh Cashew Unsweetened Original
SoFresh Cashew Unsweetened Original is smooth and delectable on its own but, for a taste-maker like you, there are mountains of delightful possibilities 35 calories per serving.
So Nice French Vanilla for Coffee
So Nice for Coffee
A perfect non-dairy alternative to spruce up your coffee. Natural, rich and oh so creamy. It's a great way to add a little flavour to your favourite coffee.
So Fresh Unsweetened Vanilla
So Fresh Unsweetened Vanilla
A 35 calorie indulgence.
So Fresh Unsweetened Vanilla combines the nuttiness of real almonds and the indulgent taste of vanilla, at only 35 calories and zero grams of sugar per serving.
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